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My picture gallery

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Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_DCP_6936.jpg)
[ 800x714 - 56 KB ]
I felt a bit like a saint giving bread to the masses, but in reality I was getting licked.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_DCP_7253.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 81 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_DCP_7271.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_DCP_7277.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 40 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_baby-shroom.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 89 KB ]
A cute little baby mushroom I found growing in a bed of moss in my yard.
I almost wanted to dress it up in swaddling clothes.
They grow up so fast.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_back-of-shredded-shirt.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 46 KB ]
This was one of my favorite shirts but it didn't
take well to the washer so its getting a few last
chances to be warn around the house before it falls
apart. You really can't see just how badly the
shoulders are shreaded, but it ripped some each
time I put it on or off.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_backyard-shed.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 107 KB ]
Looking from the swing into the backyard.
You can see the arbor that I have plans to cover with grapes and roses
and beyond that a rather large shed with a work bench and other
things inside.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_backyard.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 86 KB ]
My arbor. I need to get better pictures as these
were just taken on the initial walkthrough. Still, its very quaint!
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_closeup-of-new-hair-and-fac.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 20 KB ]
a decent closeup. i hope you like it
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_clowning-with-new-specs.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 54 KB ]
Me clowning around with two pairs of glasses for the nerdy John Lennon look.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_end-of-life.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 74 KB ]
Life at an end.
How the mighty have fallen.
Decay comes to the decayers.
Peace returns.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_front-of-shredded-shirt-and.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 41 KB ]
Front of me in the shredded shirt. Francys was trying to
hog the camera, but it looks like she is the one who shredded
the shirt.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_gods-fingers.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 30 KB ]
Reminds me of the famous painting of god's hand reaching out to touch someone, I forget exactly who.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_house-from-the-left-front.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 66 KB ]
Here is what will probably be my new home, as seen from the front finally.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_looking-downriver.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 75 KB ]
Here we have the river, flowing to the sea.
It flows swiftly and silently, young water in an old land.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_me-topless.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 30 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_purple-sunset.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 17 KB ]
A purple universe, divided by life.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_reaching-groundward.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 97 KB ]
Young, fresh growth.
Pushing hard to reach the bottom.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_road.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 44 KB ]
The road to my house so you get a sense of location and scenery.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_roanoke-side.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 73 KB ]
A rather nice view down the river valley. The sea is a few hundred miles that way.
My house is about 3 miles that way.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_shallow-area.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 107 KB ]
A shallow section of the river, rocks barely being covered by water.
Very vocal.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_sideyard.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 98 KB ]
The side yard, full of plants and life. Its been suggested that
a water garden could be installed here.
I think that should go in the back yard, I like having this very meditative area.
Just need to add some running water somewhere.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_sunny-butterfly.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 105 KB ]
Happy little butterfly feasting on the sunflower in my yard.
Unfortunately my windshield encountered one of his
relatives a few minutes later.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_tall-bridge.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 110 KB ]
Hiking beside the river with a view up at the bridge.
This is where the views down-river were taken from.
I was surprised to see how it soared.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_tiny-humans.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 18 KB ]
I look down at you puny humans and mock, or I would,
if you were significant enough to warrant my attention.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_upstream.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 86 KB ]
Looking upriver. The dam is right around the bend in the top right.
Very shallow area here, looks like lots of fun for hiking.
I need to find out if its allowed or dangerous.
Its also filled with trash, but from high above looks quite clean.
Much like the world.
Thumbnail (gal/Neesha2/_thb_watching-the-sky.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
What a vantage point, able to scan for miles around.
Indepentant, secure, powerful.
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