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My picture gallery
My picture gallery

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Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5850.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 36 KB ]
Look at me, don't I look reputable!
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5851.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 38 KB ]
Me looking scruffy and disreputable
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5854.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 34 KB ]
Looking a bit better, but i still need some facial grooming.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5855.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 25 KB ]
A side view! Wow!
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5857.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 30 KB ]
I just love the soft lighting and the delicate composition...
ok, so its another one of me:)
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5858.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 33 KB ]
First stage of a trip. These photos show how the day progressed
with some beautiful clouds that just demanded capturing.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5861.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 29 KB ]
Here is the little sister right after she got her grad school acceptance letter.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5865.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
Can't you just imagine a tornado suddenly forming in there?
Its peaceful and yet dangerous all at once.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5866.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 71 KB ]
We stopped at the market and I felt the need for some more casual pictures.
So I gave the camera to a passing hobo and he snapped these.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5867.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 59 KB ]
This is as he was running away.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5870.jpg)
[ 800x1200 - 123 KB ]
After I caught him I made him take one more before releasing him.
Catch and release, its not just a good way to fish, its a good way
to catch hobos.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5872.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
Downtown with what we call a sky scraper. It does seem to almost scrape
the sky today.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5875.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 15 KB ]
I'm sure this mountain has a name, I just can't remember it.
However, on top is the star, one of the tourist attractions of the city.
It was nicely framed by the fleeing clouds.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5884.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 25 KB ]
Here we go a traveling, through the plains today.
Ok, it was actually just a flat spot on an otherwise very hilly road.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5887.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 24 KB ]
These picture has a message, but its one that seems elusive and fleeting.
Still, I love the silo, trapped between earth and sky.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5892.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 39 KB ]
Here is a cemetary, struggling to reach the beyond.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5897.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 48 KB ]
My grandparent's home, the destination of this journey.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5898.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 42 KB ]
My grandparent's bathroom, an attractive stop along the journey.
I actually helped design this room:)
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5910.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 16 KB ]
Majesty, as we returned from the trip the sun hid behind a
series of clouds and provided some magnificent images.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5912.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 19 KB ]
I held the camera out the window and just kept snapping
as we drove into the setting sun.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5934.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 11 KB ]
And sometimes I would, for variety, take a picture
through the passenger side window and enjoy the reflection.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5936.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 19 KB ]
Power, barely contained.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5938.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 25 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5941.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 16 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5953.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 20 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5956.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 18 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5964.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 15 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5966.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 18 KB ]
We passed a quaint farm and I tried for another silo image,
but the clouds are still the priority.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_5977.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
Here we see more of the farm, looking quite peaceful.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6007.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 61 KB ]
Some strange birds that I found attractive.
They were also rather suicidal, but that desire was
prevented for today.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6023.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 61 KB ]
Here we see the bridge as we return to my side of the river.
You can't tell but something once hit the top and left a dent.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6037.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 20 KB ]
Almost home, but look at that sky! Almost seems threatening.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6044.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 41 KB ]
Here we see the entrance to my road, don't get your hopes up,
its not nearly as grand as the line implies.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6048.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
My horse as the sun sets behind him. Its hard to tell details,
and yet the grass stands out beautifully. Love this image.
Hate that power line.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6064.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 58 KB ]
Me in the hammock. This was posed,
however I had just spent a very nice hour in
there relaxing and eating.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6067.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 105 KB ]
Its me with my beloved kitty, Francys!
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6068.jpg)
[ 533x800 - 106 KB ]
And a full body shot, showing off my legs.
You do like pale legs, right?
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6070.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 67 KB ]
A rather good close up. This may become my normal picture
for showing people.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6071.jpg)
[ 533x800 - 84 KB ]
Does this make me look fat?
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6415.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 51 KB ]
A rather unflattering profile shot. I won't point out the parts I don't like as someone might say they are really there.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6416.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 46 KB ]
My bald spot
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_DCP_6489.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 21 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_dusk1.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 71 KB ]
Another picture of me! The lighting wasn't great but it is me.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_feet-bottom.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 29 KB ]
I was asked for pictures of my extremities....
Yeah, I know its strange. Don't ask:)
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_feet-top.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 32 KB ]
Look at that skin! have you ever seen so much skin online?
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_innocent_grin.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 31 KB ]
This was right before I swallowed the camera. It was quite a night.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_left-hand-back.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 25 KB ]
Here is the left hand
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_left-hand-front.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 22 KB ]
And the palm of my hand. Seems rather pink I think.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_puppy_dog_dance.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 63 KB ]
This is my infamous puppy dog dance.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_right-hand-back.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 27 KB ]
Its hard to read the face of someone when they are a poster.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_right-hand-front.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 27 KB ]
So I slapped him.
Thumbnail (gal/for_Neesha/_thb_unhealthy_colors.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 31 KB ]
I do have very full lips and eyebrows, don't I?
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