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My picture gallery
My picture gallery

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Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_B02_7140.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 19 KB ]
Leaving Roanoke
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_B05_7145.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 25 KB ]
One last look at the star
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_B26_7185.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 34 KB ]
Down the road we go
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_6979.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 35 KB ]
Hmm, uh oh. Plumbing problems.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7010.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 35 KB ]
All better and signed
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7015.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 20 KB ]
My desk for a few days, eventually upgraded
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7019.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 47 KB ]
Working in my room
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7038.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 113 KB ]
A: D. mowing the grass.
D: Shaving the jungle.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7040.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 34 KB ]
Amanda painting her closet
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7076.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 33 KB ]
Amanda's bed, true color
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7084.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 33 KB ]
David's makeshift bed. One fun night.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7085.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 16 KB ]
David's door finally finished.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7198.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 20 KB ]
Hazel, as she has spent most of her time.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7208.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 11 KB ]
Francys as she has spent most of her time, plotting revenge.
Her revenge consisted of urinating on me, repeatedly.
Mediation is ongoing.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7210.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 45 KB ]
Floppsy's second home and temporary cage.
Notice the large bag of rabbit food on top?
When she ran out this morning I went out to feed her,
but she was feeding herself by chewing through the bag.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7220.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 65 KB ]
Our house.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7233.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 82 KB ]
My office! Finally it has gotten somewhat done.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7278.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 60 KB ]
Blackie looking humorous as he grooms himself on Amanda's hope chest.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7284.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 66 KB ]
An amazing looking cumulo-nimbus cloud I saw drifting outside,
unfortunately by the time I go away from the power lines it was less magnificent.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7288.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 52 KB ]
Here we see the privacy fence in the front.
Behind it is where I want to put a meditation area and fountain.
If you look close, it almost says "Hell Water"
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7289.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 71 KB ]
My plants, or what few of them fit in the car on the last trip.
There are also two bonsai that are in a later picture.
Here we have my aloe, three bamboo stalks and a
miniature rose that is new and will be planted in the bed
in the foreground.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7290.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 91 KB ]
My car, and behind it, sis's car. They only look clean
because of the rain.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7292.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 42 KB ]
My wiring closet! It still needs some structure,
and there are more devices to add.
However, you can clearly see my brand new
cable modem that is happily feeding this
information to my site.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7293.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 44 KB ]
My bathroom, by request, no really!
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7294.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 44 KB ]
Here is my sink and mirror and various toiletries.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7297.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 63 KB ]
The kitchen, pride and joy of Amanda.
she isn't thrilled with this picture since it is hardly
finished, but its a start. There will be black doors on all
of the cabinets, and there is lots of cleaning to do.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7298.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 47 KB ]
The other side of the kitchen, with our table.
It could also stand some cleaning since I had books
and tools on it at this time.
there really is a black table there, with two black chairs,
but it has blended into the black part of the wall.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7300.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 50 KB ]
Floppsy! Every one's favorite bunny!
She often looks much cuter, and sometimes
her cage is cleaner, but this is what you get for now:)
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7301.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 73 KB ]
My little greenhouse.
Notice the brown on the bonsai on the right,
my guess is it got overheated, I hope it survives.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7302.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 67 KB ]
The shed, right now there isn't much of mine in it.
Its just a shed, but you can notice the yard around it.
The nice yard, that needs to be cut again.
If you look closely you can see the two lights I placed around the arbor.
They are solar powered, I'm environmentally friendly. :-)
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7303.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 73 KB ]
Here we see the swing and you can get a better feel for the layout.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7304.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 52 KB ]
A closeup of the shed showing the many large pots
scattered around the area. Most of them have large plants in them,
including some trees over 10 feet tall. They have been there
a long time.
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7306.JPG)
[ 800x533 - 49 KB ]
My futon! Isn't it pretty? I took its picture because I had just
removed the sheets, so this is as close as it gets to made up:)
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7307.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 37 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7311.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 48 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7317.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 53 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7319.jpg)
[ 533x800 - 44 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7323.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 40 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7338.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 56 KB ]
Thumbnail (gal/new_home/_thb_DCP_7344.jpg)
[ 800x533 - 72 KB ]
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